Words can not describe the positive impact that studying with Scott Anderson has had on both of my children's lives

He has not only provided exceptional training in the areas of classical and jazz piano and music theory, but he has taken their overall musicality to a whole other level, encouraging them to explore the more creative side of music through composition, music technology and voice. Scott approaches teaching with the perfect balance of structure and creativity, and most importantly has been wholeheartedly dedicated to helping my children reach their (lofty) musical goals. In the 10 years that my children have studied under Scott, he has inspired them in ways I couldn't have imagined. Scott is the real deal!
~ Julie - Upper St Clair

Anderson Music Academy has paved a pathway of success for me as a pianist and a composer in the professional music world

Mr. Anderson is one of the finest musicians I have ever had the privilege of working with. His depth of knowledge about a plethora of musical topics extending from classical performance to jazz improvisation to musical composition is truly astonishing. Mr. Anderson’s musical education has guided my playing from elementary school to university music school, and has paved a pathway of success for me as a pianist and a composer in the professional music world.
~ Robbie - former student - Upper St Clair

The positive impact Scott had on Jonah's life can't be overstated

Scott taught my son Jonah for about six years. During that time, Jonah definitely developed a lifelong love of music. But the sessions with Scott were much more than piano lessons. Jonah learned a quiet self-confidence that came directly from sitting in Scott's studio once a week, and playing on his own on the days between lessons. Jonah's life changed around him -- he matured, grew, developed -- but one constant in his life remained the weekly time with Scott, learning to compose, write, and play music. The positive impact Scott had on Jonah's life can't be overstated. It was incredible to see and experience, and we will be forever grateful. Thank you!
~ Jay - Mt Lebanon

My son loves attending his lessons every week

My son had taken piano lessons for 7 years before we met Scott. While he was a pretty good player prior to Scott, within two months of lessons, we noticed a significant difference in his play. His musical ability grew rapidly and continues to advance with each lesson. He learns something new every time he meets with Scott, beyond just the music. He continues to play classical music but is also learning jazz and composition - there are no limits! When I am lucky enough to sit in during lessons, I feel as though I am in a college music theory class! My son loves attending his lessons every week. Scott's patience, knowledge, and experience cannot be found anywhere else in the Pittsburgh area. We feel so lucky to have found him.
~ The Bernstein Family - Upper St Clair

One of my best role models in the music world

Scott was instrumental (no pun intended) in my development as a musician, future teacher, and individual. His passion for his craft is contagious, which instills a lifelong appreciation of music for any student who enters his studio. His extensive musical knowledge and experience is only matched by his welcoming personality and wicked sense of humor. I will always regard Scott as one of my best role models in the music world and am incredibly thankful to have him in my life!
~ Carly - former student - Upper St Clair

Simply the best!

Scott has been the perfect teacher for my son. He has been able to develop my son's skills and interest in jazz improv, composition, and music tech, while also enhancing his abilities in music theory, classical piano techniques, and sight reading, Scott has taken the time to get to know my son well personally, which has enabled him both to challenge and support my son's musical growth throughout his high school years. In addition to teaching, Scott is a fantastic performer and role model for life as a professional musician. He brings his performance background to recitals, giving his students the opportunity to play improv in a live jazz ensemble. Simply the best!
~ Aubrie - Mt Lebanon

I have been able to create my own path to my future based on my passions

Scott Anderson is truly the greatest instructor I have ever had. Without his knowledge, guidance, experience, encouragement, and friendship, I would certainly would not be where I am today regarding my aspirations in the music industry. Scott has provided me with not only piano lessons that challenged my theory skills, technique, and overall musicianship, but he also provided insight into digital aspects of audio engineering that opened my eyes to another realm of the industry that I was intrigued to learn more about after high school. I am currently a third-year undergraduate student at Belmont University (Nashville, Tennessee) majoring in Music Business with a Production Emphasis; however, I initially auditioned to pursue Belmont's Commercial Piano program. Throughout my senior year of high school, Scott helped me in unfathomable ways to prepare for my numerous college piano auditions, and he advised me on how to confidently do so to the best of my ability. I truly cannot thank Scott enough for providing me with such a firm foundation in not only musical performance, but also in music production; because of this pre-college knowledge, I was able to more freely explore the aspects of the music industry, and I have been able to create my own path to my future based on my passions. I am beyond thankful for my years of lessons with Scott; he is not only a knowledgeable mentor, but is also a life-long friend that I cannot thank enough.
~ Jordan - former student - Upper St Clair

He caters to the specific needs of every student and truly cares about progress

Scott is a masterful teacher who encourages his students to find the artist inside each and every one of us. He caters to the specific needs of every student and truly cares about progress. He provides the guidelines and discipline for all stages of musicians while nourishing their creative spirit
~ Mike - former student - Upper St Clair