Learn to Play Piano

Private Piano Lessons in McMurray, PA for all ages and all skill levels.

All Ages & Skill Levels

At Anderson Music Academy, we meet students where they are, regardless of age or experience.

Music changes lives – see how we can change yours.

Any Type of Piano

Learn to play piano, including classical, jazz, blues, pop, and other genres.

What’s Your Skill Level?

What to Expect for

Young Beginner Program (Ages 3-7)

Students as young as three years old through Kindergarten are taught in private lessons using an inventive color-coding system developed by AMA faculty member Marion Schmidt and the Faber My First Piano Adventure series. These young beginners learn proper technique and the basics of music in a fun, engaging weekly lesson.

Students graduate with a certificate from Miss Marion’s class upon completing the My First Piano Adventures series. They’re then ready to move on to the AMA Accelerated Piano Program


$130 /month for weekly 30-minute private lessons based on 48 lessons offered per year.

What to Expect For

Accelerated Piano Program

The AMA Accelerated Program is innovative, fun, and highly effective individualized instruction in a multi-student setting designed for beginners through intermediate-level players.

Lessons are taught in a piano lab of up to 5 students. Each student works at their own pace, and assigned music is learned at the lesson, making home practice much easier.

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Advantages of the AMA Accelerated Program
• Home practice becomes much easier
• Less stress on parents: students won’t have as many questions
• Improved student sight-reading
• Students complete their books faster
• Students experience Increased confidence and less anxiety
• Students are motivated by each other’s hard work and focus
• The lessons foster a sense of community, and students can make friends within the studio

How is the AMA Accelerated Program different than traditional lessons?
• Lessons are 55 minutes long, instead of 30 minutes
• Lessons are conducted in a modern lab setting with up to 5 students
• Assigned music is learned at the lesson, making practice at home much more manageable
• Students have privacy while practicing
• Students have time during the lesson to fix mistakes before presenting their work.


$130 /month for weekly 55-minute lab lessons
48 lessons offered per year

What to Expect For

Elite Program

More advanced students progress to longer individual lessons with a customized curriculum that focuses on almost any area of their choosing, including:

• Traditional Classical
• Jazz improvisation and theory
• Rock and Pop styles
• Songwriting
• Studio techniques
• Recording technology
• Composition
• Commercial music
• Playing in a group setting

Students contemplating majoring in music receive comprehensive audition preparation.



Monthly Tuition
– based on 48 lessons offered per year:
$195 /month for weekly 45-minute private lessons
$260 /month for weekly 60-minute private lessons

Scott Anderson Monthly Tuition Rates
– based on 45 lessons offered per year:
$210 /month for weekly 45-minute private lessons
$280 /month for weekly 60-minute private lessons

Tuition is payable monthly on the 1st of the month. Payment is always the same flat rate, regardless of student absences or scheduled teacher vacation breaks.

There is an annual $45 /per family studio registration fee.

AMA Traditional (legacy) 30 minute private lessons

Monthly Tuition
– based on 48 lessons offered per year:
$130 /month for weekly 30-minute private lessons

Scott Anderson Monthly Tuition Rates
– based on 45 lessons offered per year:
$140 /month for weekly 30-minute private lessons

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that prospective piano students often ask:

What equipment do I need to start learning to play the piano?

You can get good results from an acoustic piano or an electric keyboard. Some things to weigh in choosing:

The acoustic piano is ideal, but the instrument must be in good working order and well-maintained, including regular tuning.

A digital keyboard isn’t quite the same, but it has a few advantages: You don’t have to tune it. It’s much more portable. You can practice in headphones.

If you’re considering a keyboard, we recommend an instrument with 88 weighted keys, like the Yamaha P-45 and P-125. We can help you with specific recommendations.


How long does it take to learn to play the piano?

Learning to play the piano is an exciting and rewarding journey that varies for each individual. Everyone’s learning journey is unique, so focus on setting attainable goals, enjoying the process, and celebrating your achievements. With a positive attitude and commitment, you’ll see improvements and experience the joy of making music on the piano. Happy practicing!


What is the best age to start learning piano?

At Anderson Music Academy, we specialize in nurturing musical talent from the earliest stages, welcoming students as young as three. Our expert instructors understand that it’s never too late to embark on your musical journey, so we happily accommodate learners of all ages. Discover the joy of music with us and unleash your inner pianist at any stage of life. Join our growing community of passionate musicians today!