Our Mission Statement

To provide excellent music instruction in an exciting, innovative learning environment, through established pedagogy and customized, student-centered instruction.

Our Story

Anderson Music Academy grew from the vision that music changes lives — both for better and for good. Our story begins with the artistic journeys of our faculty, all of whom have established careers as professional musicians and music educators. Each recognizes the powerful impact that music can have in the lives of others. To make music is such a natural thing for all of us, and the faculty and staff of Anderson Musical Academy want to cultivate that experience for any who want to learn.

Scott Anderson founded the Anderson Music Academy initially for private instruction in piano, and as more students arrived, the range of his teaching grew. In time Scott recognized a call for a studio that meets the broad needs of students in the 21st century, which has inspired The Anderson Music Academy in its present form. Anderson Music Academy provides instruction in piano, guitar, and voice, as well as educating students in making music with new technologies, composing original works, and sound engineering — all of which have become more accessible in our current era.

The Anderson Music Academy is home to a range of faculty who have experience in teaching and performing all musical styles: contemporary pop and rock, jazz, musical theater, and classical. Our faculty represent the full breadth of musical forms because we want you to have individualized instruction that meets your own aspirations in any genre, starting where you are now and taking you to where you want to go. Our team can give you all your necessary training in technique and also help you create opportunities beyond traditional instruction. If you want to compose a new song, we can help you with that. If you want to learn how to record your work and create an online presence for your music, we can do that too.

Anderson Music Academy offers instruction at all levels of piano, voice, guitar, drums and percussion. Whoever you are, whether a young person making your first steps into music or an adult who wants to take up an instrument as part of your lifelong learning, we are ready to provide superior instruction so that music can change your life.

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