Studio Policies

Monthly tuition

Tuition is payable monthly on the 1st of the month. Payment is always the same flat rate, regardless of student absences or scheduled teacher vacation breaks.

There is an annual $45 /per family studio registration fee

Tuition rates are listed on the Instrument Instruction Pages
Piano Lessons
Guitar and Bass Lessons
Voice Lessons
Percussion Lessons
Music Technology & Recording

Lessons are offered every week except for:
• Memorial Day
• July 4th
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving
• The week of Christmas through New Year’s Day.
• Teacher vacation time (TBD as schedule allows)

Payment Methods:
• Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
• ACH Bank Transfer
Payment policy:
All tuition payments will be debited via stored payment method on the 1st of the month, in advance.

Individual lessons:
Individual lessons are available by appointment in certain circumstances. These are typically advanced students or adult students who cannot attend regular lessons. Please inquire about current rates.

Student Cancellations:
Students are expected to attend all lessons. There will be no deductions for lessons missed by the student for any reason.

Students who need to cancel a lesson should do so on the online calendar. Lessons may be canceled at any point up to the start of the lesson. A makeup credit is automatically created, allowing the option to book an open slot to make up the lesson. Available spaces can be found on the online calendar. Remember to check back because the calendar will change with every cancellation. The credit will expire after 90 days, and the lesson cannot be made up. Each student is limited to 5 makeup credits per 365 days. Lessons canceled in excess of that limit cannot be rescheduled. No-shows will not be issued a credit.

Students are asked to give as much advance notice as possible if they cannot attend a lesson. This makes it easier to accommodate makeups when needed.

Student promptness is the responsibility of the student/parent; time lost will not be made up.

Teacher Cancellations:
If the teacher cancels a lesson, it will either be rescheduled or count as one of the teacher’s vacation weeks. Makeup credits generated by a teacher cancellation do not expire.

Terminating Lessons:
Students can discontinue lessons at any time. Please provide two weeks’ notice if possible. The teacher reserves the right to terminate lessons for any reason; a pro-rated refund will be offered if applicable.

Extended Absences:
If a student needs an extended absence (for instance, going away for the summer), they may elect not to pay the monthly fee. However, they will also be giving up their spot, which will be given to the next name on the waiting list. It will not be possible to guarantee their slot unless they continue to make monthly payments.

Special Events
Studio recitals are part of the curriculum and provide an invaluable tool in students’ appreciation and understanding of music. Students participating in a recital are expected to watch all other performers.

Students may be asked to participate in evaluations, Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association recitals, competitions, and other special events.

Family/Student Responsibilities
Positive parental involvement is essential, especially with younger players. Parents are encouraged to assist with practice, particularly with younger beginners, and are welcome to observe lessons. It is not required for parents to observe lessons, and in some cases it can make students self-conscious or uncomfortable. The decision to stay depends on personal preference, but parents are always welcome.

Discussions concerning student progress, schedule changes, and billing questions should occur outside the lesson.

A practice log is available to students and parents on the studio website, which can help establish a routine and track goals. Although the quality of the time is most important, here are some guidelines for daily practice, four to five times per week:

5-8 years old: 10-15 mins
9-11 years old: 15-20 mins
12-15 years old: 20-30 mins
16 and older: 30-60 mins

The instrument should be kept in tune and in good repair.

There should be no distractions (phone, TV, other people playing in the room, etc.)