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Private Voice Lessons in McMurray, PA for all ages and all skill levels.

All Ages & Skill Levels

Anderson Music Academy provides vocal lessons at all skill levels and in all styles and genres.

Any Type of Voice

Learn to sing and improve your voice, including techniques for breath control, tone, pitch, range, and style.

What’s Your Skill Level?

What to Expect for

Beginning Students

Especially younger beginners, are taught in a friendly but structured environment focusing on the “basics” of breathing, posture and other healthy habits. Students are introduced to music basics as well, including note reading, solfeggio and beginning music theory. These techniques are applied to songs from Disney, Pop and Broadway to keep the lessons fun, challenging and engaging. Students will be gradually introduced to other genres that can bridge to classical and jazz.

What to Expect For

Intermediate Students

Work to advance the skills they’ve developed along with an introduced focus on technique, placement, memorization and note reading. Students will increase their repertoire, including the option for classical repertoire or jazz. Students also receive coaching for auditions, school musicals, talent shows and other performance opportunities.


What to Expect For

Advanced and Older Students

Work from a customized curriculum including advanced techniques used in classical, musical theater and other popular music forms. Styles are approached in a musical context, utilizing technique to approach each style in a healthy way, while still preserving nuances that make each style unique. Emphasis is placed on understanding and interpreting the dramatic context of a song or piece. Advanced students can expect to be exposed to music from a wide variety of styles and genres.



Tuition Rates

-Based on 48 lessons offered per year

Tuition is payable monthly on the 1st of the month. Payment is always the same flat rate, regardless of student absences or scheduled teacher vacation breaks.

There is an annual $45 /per family studio registration fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that voice students commonly ask:

Can anyone learn to sing, or do I need to have natural talent?

While natural talent can be an advantage, anyone can learn to sing with dedication, practice, and proper guidance. Singing is a skill that can be developed and improved over time, just like learning an instrument or any other artistic discipline.

.A skilled voice teacher can help identify your strengths and areas for improvement, guiding you on your journey to becoming a better singer.

Can I learn to sing and plan an instrument simultaneously?

Absolutely! Playing an instrument while singing can enhance your overall musicianship, improve your understanding of music theory, and eventually open up opportunities for solo performances or joining bands. At Anderson Music Academy, we have a number of students who take voice lessons alongside their instrumental training. For our younger beginners, we offer hybrid voice/piano lessons so that they can get a little of each type of training in their lessons.


What is the best age to begin voice lessons?

There is no definitive “best age” to start. Singing is one of the most natural musical acts that we do. At Anderson Music Academy, we usually recommend starting between ages 7-9. But we have younger students thriving in hybrid voice/piano lessons. And there’s no age that’s too “old” to begin. Schedule an appointment to come in for a free evaluation and get started on your own musical journey.