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How to Become an Anderson Music Academy Student

Beginners: Are you a beginner wanting to start Piano, Drums, Voice, Guitar, or Bass? We invite you to come in to “Meet the Teacher!

This is a 15-minute appointment that includes a quick tour of AMA and an opportunity to meet with a potential teacher. You can ask questions and learn more about lessons. There is no cost to schedule a “Meet the Teacher” appointment. Find availability here:

Intermediate to Early Advanced:

If you have experience with an instrument and don’t consider yourself a beginner, we would love to invite you to come in for a trial lesson/evaluation. We will give you a quick tour of AMA and provide you with up to 30 minutes with a potential teacher to discuss your experience, goals, and interests so we can make sure to recommend the teacher or teachers that best match where you are in your musical journey. There is a discounted rate of $15 for this 30-minute appointment.

Advanced/College Prep/Jazz/other specialized interest:

  • Ready for Elite level learning?
  • Thinking about majoring in music after high school?
  • Or a career in music?

Or perhaps you want to explore Jazz? Or hone your songwriting? Or learn to record and produce your own work?

Set up a Trial Lesson/EVAL for our Elite Program! Click below to meet with Scott Anderson or Ian Arthurs to guide you through some of these tricky but rewarding next steps on your musical journey.