Learn to Drum

Private Percussion Lessons in McMurray, PA for all ages and all skill levels.

All Ages & Skill Levels

Anderson Music Academy provides percussion lessons at all skill levels and in all styles and disciplines.

What’s Your Skill Level?

What to Expect for

Beginning Students

Especially younger beginners are taught in a friendly environment. The “basics” are taught, including all essential rudiments and techniques, and some fun time on the drum set can be included right from the start!

What to Expect For

Intermediate Students

Intermediate students continue this approach while also learning skills for playing rock, pop, and jazz music. Students practice more on the drum set and can learn different percussion instruments for orchestra and band. This helps them when they join school bands and other groups. Along with traditional material, students can learn modern songs they like for fun. We can also help with audition preparation for Jazz Band, Marching Band or School Musical pit.


What to Expect For

Advanced and Older Students

Can proceed with a curriculum customized just for them that focuses on almost any area of their choosing, including traditional Classical study, Jazz, Rock and Pop, studio techniques, commercial music, playing in a group setting, or any combination. Advanced instruction in Mallet Percussion and the instruments of the orchestra pit is available and encouraged, as well as advanced training for the Jazz band.


Tuition Rates

Monthly Tuition Rates: based on 48 lessons offered per year

Tuition is payable monthly on the 1st of the month. Payment is always the same flat rate.

There is an annual $45 /per family studio registration fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that prospective drummers often ask:

What equipment do I need to start learning to play drums?

At a minimum, a drum student should have a set of drums sticks and a practice pad. You can also get a beginning drum set and accessories like cymbals, pedals, and a drum throne. 

Are electronic or acoustic drums better for beginners?

 Electronic and acoustic drums have advantages and disadvantages; the choice largely depends on your preferences, budget, and living situation. Either option is suitable for learning to play.


What is the best age to start learning drums?

There is no definitive “best age” to start learning drums, as people can successfully learn to play at various stages of life. Many experts recommend that children can start learning drums as young as 5-6 years old, depending on their interest, attention span, and motor skills.