Anderson Music Academy teachers approach piano instruction using an innovative combination of traditional methods and curriculum, along with customized instruction tailored to the student.

Preschool & Early beginners
Are taught using an inventive color-coding system developed by AMA faculty member Marion Schmidt, along with published materials designed for very early beginners.

Beginning students
Especially younger beginners, are taught in a friendly but structured environment using traditional teaching materials. Instruction in music theory is included alongside traditional piano technique and repertoire.

Intermediate students
Continue this approach, but with an added emphasis on developing ear training and improvisational skills applicable to contemporary pop music or Jazz. Students will be taught to learn music “by ear” and transcribe it. Traditional repertoire is augmented by selections the students wish to learn, typically contemporary. Jazz harmony and improvisation can be introduced at this point, as well as composition.

Advanced students and older students
Can proceed at teacher’s discretion with a customized curriculum that focuses on almost any area of their choosing, including traditional Classical study, Jazz improvisation, Jazz theory, Rock and Pop styles, songwriting, studio techniques, recording technology, composition, commercial music, playing in a group setting, or any combination. While this course of study is developed with the student’s individual interests in mind the curriculum will always be designed to be challenging and will require a strong commitment from the student.