Anderson Music Academy provides guitar and bass lessons at all skill levels and in a wide variety of styles and genres.

Beginning students
Especially younger beginners, are taught in a friendly but structured environment focusing on foundational elements of the guitar and bass and the basics of technique. Familiar melodies like “Smoke on the Water,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Happy Birthday,” and “Iron Man” are used to keep lessons fun, but also to introduce technical challenges unique to guitar. Reading music is also introduced, using standard notation and guitar tablature.

Intermediate students
Progress to mastery of some popular music and classic rock. More focus is placed on ear training and music theory. Intermediate students often receive audition coaching for school ensembles, including Jazz Band, school musical pit and help with their own individual bands.

Advanced and older students
Work from a customized curriculum that can range from difficult passages from rock and pop to advanced music theory and Jazz. More challenging ear training including transcription is utilized. Advanced students are introduced to a broader conceptual view of music as a whole.

Guitar & Bass Monthly Tuition

Tuition is payable monthly on the 1st of the month. Payment is always the same flat rate, regardless of student absences or scheduled teacher vacation breaks.

Monthly Tuition Rates: based on 48 lessons offered per year
$130 /month for weekly 30 minute private lessons
$195 /month for weekly 45 minute private lessons
$260 /month for weekly 60 minute private lessons

There is an annual $45 /per family studio registration fee.

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